Bayardo Cortes, .DM.D.
10205 South Dixie Highway Suite 200
Pinecrest, FL 33056
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The Pediatrician of Dentistry

Dr. Bayardo Cortes is an expert in pediatric dentistry. After college, he received his pediatric dental degrees from Southeastern University college of dental medicine and Miami childrens Hospital.

He has extra years of specialized training developed just for kids. This includes preventive dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, treatment of traumatic injuries, child psychology, and care of special needs patients.

At Tooth Fairy-Land, we have a thorough understanding and appreciation of children's medical and emotional needs. We love kids and find it rewarding to use our training to help shape children's dental health habits and attitudes from infancy right through the teen years.

A Dental Fantasy-Land

Our unique worry-free environment is a storybook setting of distractions that stimulates the imagination and delights the senses. We teach kids that developing healthy dental care habits is not only smart, it's fun! Excited children engrossed in play and the constant sounds of laughter are a celebration of what pediatric dentistry is all about. Our patients actually look forward to their dental visits!

First Birthday, First Visit

The first dental examination is performed at 12 months of age. This is often an information gathering session and allows us to counsel parents about teething, pacifiers, thumbsucking, proper feeding and oral hygiene techniques, fluoride status, the effects of diet on the dentition, and injury prevention. Educating first-time parents is especially important since prevention is the best treatment. Continued routine evaluation usually occurs every six months beginning at 2 to 2 1/2 years of age.

We know how to help prevent "big" problems from developing, so bring the "little" ones to us!


Orthodontic Experts

Dr. Craig Spencer is an expert in early interceptive and comprehensive orthodontic treatment.  Our special training in orthodontics, combined with early childhood growth and development, makes us specially suited to care for your child. We combine our expertise with our ability to inspire confidence and cooperation to help your child feel good about dental treatment.

We Make Beautiful Smiles

Orthodontic treatment can help guide a young child's facial growth and dental development to achieve a more balanced face and beautiful smile.

Advantages of Orthodontics at Tooth Fairy-Land

The same team of skilled business and clinical staff who are familiar with you and your child are available to offer high quality orthodontic care and personal attention that Tooth Fairy-Land is known for.